America’s Real Favorite Pastime

Here is the game.  There are only two teams.  The Red Team, and The Blue Team.  One team has control of the game on each turn.  At the end of each turn, the team that has collected the most voters gains control for the next turn.  Each team needs to get voters, while doing what they can to make sure the other team doesn’t get voters.

Both teams have roughly an equal amount of voters as a base.  They are voters that each team will automatically have, no matter what they do.  The real goal then is to get the largest number of the remaining voters.  There are many different strategies in this game, as some decisions will gain you one small group of voters, but lose you another.  What has become one of the more common strategies though, is to grant your team more power over the game when it’s your turn.

Some of the games most prominent players have utilized this strategy to great success.  It is, however, a shortsighted maneuver as eventually, it becomes the other teams turn again, and you then hand over to your opposing team that newly created power.  The team who’s turn it is not, will always put up a great fight against the increase in power, but will rarely do away with that newly created power when it’s their turn again and they have the ability to do so.

The first problem with the game though, particularly this most popular strategy, is that it is almost always played for the benefit of The Team, and not necessarily The Voters.  Eventually, with this strategy, one team will have enough power to “win” the game.  The game is then over, and one team is left in total control.

The second problem is far more important, as it is arguably the cause of every other problem in the game.  The Base Voters, that each team knows they have automatically, are the games most rabid fans.  They follow the game intently.  They watch it on TV, listen on the radio, and read it on the internet.  They talk about it with other voters who are fans of the same team, while sporting t-shirts and bumper stickers of their favorite players.  They have a favorite team coming into it, and stick behind their team  regardless of whatever decisions they are making.

Most other Voters don’t pay close attention during the regular season, they only tune in for the big game at the end of the season, and pick a team.  And yet, they are the Voters that actually decide who’s turn it will be for the next season.

All joking aside, this is the REAL problem with what politics has become in our country.  It’s been turned into every other sport.  It’s little more than the Red Sox vs. the Yankees.  Most people already know which party they are going to vote for before they even know who they are voting for.   They go into it already having a favorite team, rather than looking at voting records or credentials.

How do we fix it?  Pay attention.  Not to the opinionated talking heads in the news.  Not to what you hear candidates say to the press.  Not how opponents try to make a voting record look.  Look at a candidates actual voting record, and past the surface of a bill that was voted for or against.  Look at what a candidate has done in their past.  Look at their experiences.  Don’t be a Base Voter.  Be an Other Voter that follows things intently.  Most importantly, don’t get caught up in the team rivalry.  Don’t go into it with a favorite team.  When considering anything that gives the Fed more power and authority, remember that it’s very likely that somebody you didn’t vote for will be in control of that new authority in probably just a few years.

Now get out there, and play ball.

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